The Truth About 4k VS 1080p

Q. Ok 4K, 1080p WHATS THE HYPE



A. Yes however let us share some info with you.


Now that you've purchased your new 4K Ultra HDTV you're thinking...


Q. I know the picture was beautiful in the store, however, at home it looks like my old TV or worse.


A. Read below:

Remember these few tips and start enjoying your TRUE 4K experience.

Please Note: To get the best picture, you must have these things in place...

1. Certified 4K HDMI cable (go to DP Labs website to see a list certified HDMI cables.)

2. Ultra 4K BluRay Player UHD Player

 (No UP conversion ) 

3. Only 4K BluRay discs to get a TRUE 4K picture.

4. Pixel count is only part of the equation.

5. HDR is the other part of the equation. 

Please Note: In the electronic store

It was very clear and beautiful because it was displayed through a 4K player or 4K Server.

Don't expect your cable or satellite company to give you the picture you saw at the electronic store, unless it's a 4K server. The best quality is what's listed above.

Remember these few tips to start enjoying your TRUE 4K EXPERIENCE.


-David and Nikki


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