Upgraded HD 1080p Sony or Epson HD Projector 

Omni Projector Mount 

Screen Innovations or Elite 

100"-120" in Projector Screen White with Black Velvet Border 

Front Pair Custom Speakers

Center Custom Speakers

Custom Inwall or Inceiling  

Rear Pair

Surround Speakers 

Speakers 7.1 

7.1 Dolby Atmos Receiver Dual Zone Network 

Sony Blu Ray DVD Player

1 12" inch Subwoofer RBH, NHT ELAC, Monitor, Wharfdale or Earthquake

2-3 HDMI cables 3-6 ft

Surge Protector 

Professional Calibration of Sound 

Custom Professional Installation 

TOTAL $5,999

**Ask about floor standing speakers or extra sub woofer and universal remote upgrade.**